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Opalescence PF Teeth Whitening System
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Opalescence PF Teeth Whitening System

Opalescence PF Teeth Whitening System by Ultradent is the first ADA accepted syringe delivered, home tooth bleaching kit clinically proven to whiten your teeth easily, quickly, safely. With Opalescence unique PF whitening formula, you'll get effective, reliable whitening with less sensitivity while rebuilding enamel and preventing cavities.

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Product Features:

Opalescence PF Teeth Whitening System is an affordable and convenient solution to get you that perfect smile.

  • Whiten your teeth the fast, safe and easily
  • Custom fabricated bleaching trays
  • Delicious flavors (mint, melon) with minimal salivary flow
  • Patented, sticky, and highly viscous gel stays in tray and on teeth where it belongs
  • 20% water in formula minimizes tooth dehydration
  • Fluoride and patented micro potassium nitrate for lower sensitivity
  • Contains 0.11% fluoride ion
  • Carbamide peroxide formula
  • Recommended application 30 - 60 minutes
  • Gel stays active for 8-10 hours for overnight bleaching
  • 4 syringes for 8 full mouth applications, each syringe 1.2ml


carbamide peroxide, 20% water, potassium nitrate and fluoride


- Comfortable
- Convenient, no mess
- Improve enamel health
- No or very minimum sensitivity
- Increase enamel hardness
- Reduce the incidence of cavities
- Delicious flavours


- May cause tooth sensitivity
- Time-consuming compared to office-whitening



How does Opalescence Tooth Whitening System work?

The standard Opalescence Tooth Whitening system consists of a package of four syringes pre-filled with flavoured dispensing tips. The gel is placed in thin, comfortable trays and fitted over your teeth. There is minimal salivary flow as the patented, sticky and highly vicious formula of the Opalescence Tooth Whitening systems stay in the tray and on the teeth.

As you whiten your teeth, the significant water in the opalescence tooth whitening system formula minimizes dehydration of the teeth and carbamide peroxide is broken down and oxygen enters the enamel and dentin. This bleaches out the discolored areas. The structure of the tooth is not changed. The color of the tooth is simply made lighter.

The Opalescence Tooth Whitening System is designed to be worn for about 30 minutes a day, but can be worn all night for night bleaching.

Is Opalescence Tooth Whitening System Safe?

The primary ingredient in Opalescence Tooth Whitening System is carbamide peroxide, which has been recognized by FDA for many years as an oral antiseptic and has been safely used to brighten the smiles of millions of people worldwide. Fluoride and potassium nitrate are added to reduce the amount of tooth sensitivity. Opalescence is available in a variety of carbamide peroxide concentrations to whiten even the most difficult stains.

(*A 20% carbamide peroxide concentration equals approximately 7.5% hydrogen peroxide.)

Opalescence PF is recommended for whitening discolored teeth prior to placement of composite, veneers, and/or crowns. (Porcelain and other restorative materials will not whiten.)

Opalescence has shown to be effective for removing some or all of the tooth discoloration caused by food, coffee, tobacco and/or stains due to congenital, systemic, pharmalogic, traumatic factors and aging. Success is most always obtained with fluorosis and to some significant degrees even with tetracycline staining.

Why Opalescence Gel?

Professional Results Without Sensitivity - Opalescence PF has potassium nitrate and fluoride ion that increase the mineral content of the enamel for greater strength and yield the results of traditional carbamide peroxide whitener without added sensitivity.

Fast Whitening - Get professional at-home whitening (up to 12 shades - depending upon initial tooth shade) with ease and comfort - just 30 minute whitening sessions are required with 35% Opalescence professional whitening gel.

Extreme Viscosity - Ever have difficulty whitening your lower (or upper) teeth because the gel runs out of the tray so quickly? This patented gel formula is highly viscous (or thick) and has hydrophopic properties that allow the material to stay on the teeth during each ENTIRE whitening session. Opalescence yields better results because it stays on your teeth!

Fabulous Flavors - Discover how great it tastes to whiten with Opalescence Mint and Melon (most popular flavors). You will get the results you want because you will enjoy the whitening experience more than ever before. Flavoring makes whitening fun!

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Opalescence Tooth Whitening System Reviews:

By: Terri Kay, Texas

I love this product because I only have to wear my (Professional) trays for 30 minutes instead of 2 hours & it works twice as fast as the normal dose. It can turn your gums white if you don't brush off any excess bleach after putting your trays in but the white gums are temporary & last only for a few hours, so bleach at night! The same happens with professional Zoom bleaching. Buy this product...you will not be disappointed!

Opalescence Teeth Whitening

By: Edona Ray

I love this whitener. It's the one my dentist recommended and it works very well. Be warned, you may try a 10 or 15 % because it will make your teeth sensitive to cold or hot things for a few days. You should also be sure you don't have cuts on your gums. Be sure you have no cavities. You dont want any of the gel to hit those nerves. OUCH!!!! If it burns or stings when you put it on and doesnt go away within a few minutes you probably have a cut, burn and you should rinse it off and try again the next day or you should just try a 10% or 15% whitener.

By: Diny

I've used the 15% solution for a year and bought the 35% solution thinking it would take less time to whiten my teeth. I ccould keep the 15% solution in overnight. I kept the 35% solution for 45 minutes and that's because I forced myself, it was actually painful. My gums and teeth hurt for several days and I haven't used it since. It even bleached my gums around my front teeth. My gums cleared up in 2 days. Everytime I hit my gum while brushing for the next 2 days it bled. I would purchase again but only the 20% solution. 

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Opalescence Tooth Whitening System


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