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Best Teeth Whitening Products

A comparison and review of the best teeth whitening products that do a great job removing stains (even for those whose natural tooth color is on the grey or yellow side.)

With so many different kinds of teeth whitening products to choose from nowadays - each claiming to be able to make your teeth whiter in a short period of time - which tooth whiteners and teeth whitening systems are truly and really effective?

To give an unbiased opinion and take the guesswork out, a total of 12 brands and 50 teeth whitening products were picked to be reviewed and compared.

Each of them are then judged based on the following 7 criterias - the product effectiveness, speed of results, ease of use, safety, risk-free guarantee, value and customers satisfaction.

The Outcome?

Base on consumers feedbacks, user experience and opinions from dental experts, inadvertently only a remarkably few are worth the prices, deliver impressive results and helped users get a whiter and brighter smile.

So if you are looking for the best teeth whitening products to whiten your smile, here are the best of the bunch...

Bright Teeth Whitening System 5 Stars
Bright Teeth Whitening System

User's opinions rated Bright Teeth Whitening as the best and most effective teeth whitening product because it has been achieving the same great results as an in-office treatment for those who have used it.

 I saw a noticeable difference right away after the first session...  

- Leslie, NY, US

Dentists often offer a similar procedure that can cost in the range of $300 to $600. This at home teeth whiting system will allow you to skip the dentist office and get the whiter teeth you want at only a fraction of the cost.

  • Over 2 million kits sold worldwide!
  • 3-8 shades whiter in 10 days or less - Guaranteed!
  • FDA approved and 100% safe.
  • Contains up to 36% carbamide peroxide which provides remarkable results.
  • Includes plasma laser light for enhanced performance with virtually no heat.
  • Optimized PH formula increases whitening performance with minimum irritation to sensitive gums.

Bright Teeth is a safe and effective teeth whitening kit that has incredibly high customer satisfaction. They stand completely behind their product and even offer a No Questions Asked 30 Days Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your whitening results.

Note: You should not use this product if you are pregnant/nursing, have poor dental health (decayed teeth, exposed roots, gum disease, wear braces, recent oral surgery, jaw problems).

Ingredients: Natural Orange Oil, Carbamide Peroxide, Kosher Grade Glycerin

Best Choice Award

Speed of Results: 
Ease of Use: 
Value For Money: 
Risk Free Guarantee: 
Customers Satisfaction: 

Comments: If you are looking to get your teeth whiten effectively and still save hundreds of dollars in the process, Bright Teeth Whitening System could be the solution for you.

Get Bright Teeth Whitening System

Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal
Crest Whitestrips

According to user reviews, Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal is easy and convenient to use, and after just 3 days, you'll enjoy brighter and whiter teeth.

 My hygientist remarks how white my teeth are. 

- Gene, Irvine, CA

The No.1 dentist recommended brand, Crest Whitestrips works best on stained or yellow teeth and will allow you to score a whiter, younger looking, more confident smile with no mess and no fuss. For most users, their teeth lighten up to 3 shades or more on average, and additional treatment can be easily repeated for better results.

  • Inexpensive, easy to use and convenient.
  • Up to 3 shades whiter in 10 days.
  • 10% hydrogen peroxide. Enamel safe.
  • Thin, easy-to-wear strips adheres to teeth and cleans hard to reach spots.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.

Note: Crest Whitestrips will only whiten natural teeth; it will not whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings, or dentures. For best results, do not brush teeth immediately before applying strips.

Some people may experience sensitivity when using Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal - this is temporary and not harmful.

Ingredients: PVP, PEG 8, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acrylates Copolymer, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Saccharin


Speed of Results:
Ease of Use:
Value For Money:
Risk Free Guarantee:
Customers Satisfaction:

Comments: Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal now have a polymer that makes the strips stick to your teeth. Unlike the original whitestrips that are messy and difficult to keep on the teeth, the new seal version do not move until you're ready to take them out and does not leave behind any gel residue. A great advancement by Crest! Definitely worth it!

Get Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal

iWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

iWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

Reviewers say that iWhite is simple to use and easy to carry and an overwhelming number of consumers praise iWhite for not causing any sensitivity issues.

 I tried iWhite a little while ago, a friend recommended it, and I am really surprised in a positive way. No irritations, very easy to use, and... most importantly, it works! 

- Lisa, Netherlands

The iWhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit works through the use of a tray, ready-to-use foam strips, and pulsating light activate technology to offer accelerated whitening results.

  • See results after 5 days of use with iWhite.
  • Safe: Clinical tests show little to no sensitivity.
  • Easy to use. No mess to deal with or to clean up.
  • 30 days refund or replacement guarantee.

Ingredients: Glycerine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aqua, EDTA, Aroma, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Hydroxide

Speed of Results:
Ease of Use:
Value For Money:
Risk Free Guarantee:
Customers Satisfaction:

Comments: Generally, many users are impressed and see results with iWhite although a number of users also did complain that the tray is not flexible and may not fit everyone's teeth.

Get iWhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit

ProWhite Teeth Titanium Series

ProWhite is a worldwide online provider of professional strength teeth whitening systems. Men and women from all over the world who have used ProWhite Teeth Titanium Series says that they enjoy a more radiant smile.

ProWhite Teeth Titanium Series

 Just 7 days after I used ProWhite Teeth, I had the perfect smile for my pictures! I'm 200% satisfied with the results!  

- Tiana Palmer, Aspiring Actress

A certified member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL), ProWhite is one of the few teeth whitening kit manufacturers equipped with its own in-house dental laboratory.

Optimal whitening results come from the prescription strength bleaching formula containing 22% carbamide peroxide which will transform yellow, stained teeth into beautiful bright, white. Expected results can be seen within as few as 4 to 5 days of usage.

  • ProWhite has proven to turn teeth up to 10 shades brighter.
  • No spotting - Custom-fitted mouth trays allow for a uniform white smile.
  • Proven to be effective and safe. Uses all FDA approved materials.
  • Professional whitening formula that whitens teeth without any hypersensitivity.
  • Free shipping on titanium teeth whitening kits with lifetime tray replacement.
  • Terrific customer service and 30 Days, 100% money back guarantee.

Ingredients: Glycerol, Carbamide Peroxide, Aqua, Povidone, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Flavor


Speed of Results:
Ease of Use:
Value For Money:
Risk Free Guarantee:
Customers Satisfaction:

Comments:  ProWhite Teeth Whitening has helped thousands of people to have whiter teeth and brighter smiles however some consumers complaint that it cost too much and is complicated to use.

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